The technology that will change the lives of millions of people suffering from autoimmune disease

Cutting Edge Deep Learning Techniques

Deep learning

Identify & classify medical conditions based on medical history. Learn to classify using tagged de-identified population medical data.

Context embedding

Leverage expert medical knowledge for context. Use embedding to quantify features relationships.

Self-supervised learning

Use big data of untagged medical records to train deep neural networks using self-supervised learning.

Natural language processing

Analyze doctors’ notes and records to augment and enrich the structured data, and learn local jargon.

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Mult-source data fusion

Collect and combine multiple data types and sources (EMR, claims, doctors’ notes, personal sensors). Process feedback from users and EMR.

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Other Unique Features

Realtime or

The software can be used by the clinician in real time during a patient’s visit or on demand as a report. Shorten diagnosis time to months from several years.

Seamless workflow integration

Our solution can be implemented directly into the EMR software and therefore can be integrated into the clinician’s workflow.

Multiple data

Engine built on both EMR & claims data. we aggregate data from Israeli and US companies and health systems.

Data enrichment

Using knowledge trained on our database and integrating clinician's knowledge and concluding for a single patient.


Successful machine learning solutions requires providing clinicians with information on how a decision was reached. Predicta Med’s results and key data features are provided so clinicians can be confident in the recommendation.

Intellectual property (patent pending)

Our technology is patent pending.

Want to connect the dots of undiagnosed autoimmune diseases with us?