We’re here to improve people’s lives by harnessing the power of AI in autoimmune diseases

Predicta Med’s Mission

Connecting the dots starts here

We are passionate about connecting dots and treating autoimmune diseases.
Recognition and treatment of these diseases represent one of the major unmet needs of today’s medical world.

We love empowering clinicians to provide earlier recognition and diagnosis, and offering better treatment to reduce disease progression by combining experts’ medical knowledge with cutting edge learning techniques.

We aim to improve the lives of millions of patients around the world by shortening the diagnostic journey and enabling early and effective treatment.

Our Story

How it all began

Predicta Med was founded in 2020 by Shlomit Steinberg-Koch, CEO, and Benny Getz, CTO.

Previously, Shlomit worked for Mazor Robotics where she led the development of Mazor’s flagship product in the field of software analytics, from ideation to delivery. She took part in establishing the innovation department of Mazor together with the company’s founders.

Benny, who has more than 25 years of experience in leading AI and development teams, worked for leading companies such as Intel, Samsung, and until recently, was the CTO of Kayhut.

Shlomit and Benny have recognized the huge challenge in the diagnostic process of autoimmune diseases, a process that today, on average, can take at least four different doctors and more than four years to make a definite diagnosis. These patients are enduring a frustrating journey through the medical system, in addition to incurring huge costs to the healthcare system.

Predicta Med is dedicated to connecting the dots of undiagnosed diseases, to empower primary care physicians, and most importantly, to improve the lives of patients.

Our Commitment

Closing the health equity gap

Company commitment to Diversity, Equity and inclusion (DEI) 
Predicta Med is committed to overcoming bias in underrepresented groups such as women, racial/ethnic minority groups, LGBTQIA and disabled persons. Predicta Med has increased the representation of women and racial/ethnic minority groups across the core company team, the medical advisory board and the strategic advisory board members.
We promote equal opportunity in hiring processes, create diverse interview panels and promote a culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance as well as being mindful of determining flexible working policies


Technology commitment to Diversity, Equity and inclusion (DEI) 
The PredictAITM Machine Learning tool is able to democratize early diagnosis of autoimmune diseases without prejudicing the accuracy of the risk predictions when considering demographic location, socio economic status, sex and gender.
However, once the at-risk patient pool is identified, then the PredictAITM is able to analyse underrepresented groups, demographic differences, race/ethnicity and socio-economic status to see if isolated risk factors are more prevalent in specific subpopulations. This may allow for a more accurate, personalised and inclusive approach to early diagnosis.

The Team

Shlomit Steinberg-Koch

Co-Founder, CEO

Benny Getz

Co-Founder, CTO

Dan Underberger, MD


Raz Evenor

Head of Product Marketing

Michael Dreyfuss, MD, PhD

Medical Director

Alon Shmueli

Engineering Manager

Dan Riesel

Head of Data Science

Yael Binder Negri

People Operation Manager

Or Ramni

Lead Data Scientist

Yonatan Jenudi, MD

Data Scientist

Tanya Tsodikovich

Fullstack Engineer

Dimid Duchovny

Data Scientist

Guy Shalev

Data Scientist

Eliran Kdoshim

Full Stack Engineer


Stanley B. Cohen, MD

Physician at Rheumatology Associates of North Texas, PA

Harvey Rubin, MD, PhD

A Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Shomron Ben Horin, MD

Chief of the Gastroenterology Department at Sheba Medical Center

Prof. (Emer.) Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD, FRCP, MaACR

Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, Sheba Medical Center

Sunanda V. Kane, MD, MSPH

Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic

Prof. Ora Shovman, MD

Senior rheumatologist in the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases

Jonathan Shapiro, MD

Dermatologist, manager of Tele-Dermatology service in Maccabi healthcare services

Amir Ben Tov, MD

Senior Clinical Researcher, “KSM”

Douglas White, MD, PhD

Chair of Rheumatology at Gundersen Health System & Researcher with Gundersen Medical Foundation

Strategic Advisory Board

Jack Friedman

Former Chief Executive Officer, Providence Health Plan

J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Chief Health Equity Officer & Senior Vice President, Humana, Inc.

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