Connecting the dots of undiagnosed autoimmune diseases, together

Early detection allows optimized & cost
effective intervention

Predicta Med offers the first deep learning-based solution for early
detection and intervention selection of autoimmune diseases

Improve patient outcomes

Reduce cost of care

Lower physician burden

Enhance treatment effectiveness

primary care

We aggregate data from different sources (EMR/claims). Predicta Med’s engine enriches the data using our unique dataset and medical logic. Then we analyze the data using a combination of advanced learning techniques and find the correlations to a specific disease. Our platform indicates which patients are at risk and provides actionable insights.

primary care

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The primary care physician can engage patients and treat them sooner and more efficiently

Analyzed cases to date:


EMR records


avg. accuracy rate


claims records

Our predictive platform has been validated for these
autoimmune conditions:

Rheumatoid arthritis

Ulcerative colitis

Psoriatic arthritis


Multiple sclerosis



Domain experts that want to change the world

Predicta Med is led by a team of AI experts, and is working in a collaboration with renowned medical advisors from leading hospitals such as Stanford Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Columbia University, Southwestern and Sheba Hospital.

Want to connect the dots of undiagnosed autoimmune diseases with us?