Val is a former lawyer who brings over 20 years of exceptional business development, negotiation, high-level strategic and GTM planning, creative transaction structuring, and management skills successfully applied to both early stage businesses and public companies.
He is a 3 time CEO and founder, and also served as a senior executive with 3 public companies.
His first startup was a pioneering ecommerce company allowing consumers to purchase software over the internet.
The second was one of the first companies to develop  a sourcing, workflow and ecommerce platform for hospitals.
Val has led major strategic initiatives es at both Motorola and Vonage. He specializes in the formation of  early stage go to market strategies, and has completed deals in the tens of millions of dollars both domestically and internationally .
Most recently, Val created and led the business development function at KKR backed Therapy Brands, and managed partnerships across the portfolio of 19 companies.